Frequently Asked Questions

Learn everything you need to know to get your print project started.


What file type do I need to have for canvas or metal prints?

JPG is preferred, but we accept JPG, HEIC and PNG file formats as well. 

What is the preferred resolution or PPI (pixels per inch)?

For most customers, submit the largest file size available. As a guide for pros, file resolution of at least 180-300 PPI, with a minimum of 120 PPI.

What is the preferred color space the file should be in?

Adobe RGB (1998) or sRGB color space. Note that most mobile devices already use the sRGB color space, so no conversion is necessary. DSLRs typically have Adobe RGB (1998) available in their capture settings.

I don’t know what a lot of this talk about colorspace and PNG file type means. Can’t I just send you my picture?

Yes! Upload what you have and our technicians will optimize the file for printing to fill your order. If we require something different, we’ll walk you through it!

What is the difference between Blue Moon’s float mount, frame mount, and easel fixture?

Float mounts (metal prints 20×30 and larger) consist of  a ½” thick piece of black polystyrene-coated foam core with a metal hanger plate attached. This gives structural support to the piece.  For pieces smaller than 20×30, we use a ¾” inset metal frame with hanging options on the back of the print. Easel mounts are for smaller pieces (14” and smaller) and can either be displayed on a table top or hung from the wall with the included hanger.

What is Blue Moon’s typical turnaround time?

Generally 2-5 business days.


Does Blue Moon price match a competitor?

Not all metal and canvas prints are created equally, but yes, we will price match the normal pricing of other companies that sell ChromaLuxe metal print, use Epson inks and papers and canvas and quality heat press equipment, stretcher bars (NO MDF or junk frames) and other equipment for most sizes on our website.

I’m an artist who wants to frequently order from Blue Moon. Would special rates be an option for me?

Yes, our Pricing for Professionals program is designed to do just that. Just submit proof that you are selling out of gallery, art shows or retail website.


What kind of support does Blue Moon offer?
My print was damaged during shipment. How can I receive a replacement?

General Questions

What Makes Blue Moon Metal Prints different than other companies that offer metal prints?
Does Blue Moon Metal Prints only do metal prints?

No! While we offer genuine Metal Prints produced with authentic ChromaLuxe aluminum panels and Epson printers and inks, we also produce giclée’s (pronounced ZHEE-clay, a museum-quality reproduction) on fine art papers and canvas, as well as other printing on different mediums!