We love artists!

Blue Moon Metal Prints offers a one-stop printing solution to the wonderful community of artists in the WNC area. We are able to print on a range of materials, including metal, canvas, or gift products, with high quality and precision. We are also able to accommodate onsite pick-up or shipping of your finished products.

metal prints

Blue Moon’s metal prints start with a polymer coated aluminum product called ChromaLuxe, the industry standard for artists, photographers and designers. These panels have a white base coat that not only conceals the base metal, but also serves as the white point on which vibrant colors are based. Our metal prints are made to safeguard your artwork through the test of time with a weather resistant, UV and scratch resistant surface.

Canvas prints

Our canvas process starts with an inkjet print of your art directly onto a special sheet of acid-free canvas fabric. Once printed, the fabric is stretched and wrapped around a wooden frame called a stretcher bar frame. This frame adds an extra dimension to the edges of your print and can be wall-ready immediately. For additional finesse, gallery wrapped canvas can be installed inside of a decorative frame called a float frame.

printed gifts

Blue Moon Metal Prints can print your work on more than canvas and metal. We offer coffee mugs, stainless steel tumblers, canvas tote bags, porcelain tiles, and more.