The Best Gifts Are Custom-made

When you think back to the gift you’ve loved most, was it purchased at a big box store or meaningfully made? Chances are, someone meticulously chose it with you in mind. Those are the ones we remember.

Nothing makes a picture stand out quite like professional matting and sophisticated framing.

Whether handmade or specially curated, custom gifts are memorable because they represent a person’s understanding and appreciation of us. If you love gifts like these, you treasure thinking outside the box. Blue Moon Metal Prints offers customized gifts you’ll want to give, and they’ll love receiving.  

Gifts with Meaning

Consider the joy of opening a gift with meaning. We all know what it’s like! Personalize your next holiday, birthday, or any celebratory present with these great ideas.

Metal Prints

Make memories timeless with custom metal prints. Select a significant photo and immortalize the moment for someone. Our metal prints start with a polymer-coated aluminum product called ChromaLuxe. Next, we use a dye-sublimation process that creates gorgeous print quality on long-lasting metal, safeguarding your loved one’s present with a weather-resistant, UV, and scratch-resistant surface.

Customize your gift even more when you select a special float frame and no-damage mount. It’s the perfect surprise idea that can’t be duplicated!

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” ― Mother Teresa

Printed Gifts 

Blue Moon Metal Prints can print your friend’s favorite picture, icon, sports mascot, illustration, or almost any digital image to various fun and functional products. Show someone you really know them when you have their pet, children, a recent trip to Paris, wedding photo, or something else momentous printed on one of these items:

  • Mugs
  • Christmas ornaments
  • Coasters
  • Stainless steel tumblers
  • Porcelain tiles
  • Doormats

Personalize your purchase when you print it on something they’ll see every day and can share it with others.

printed christmas mug with picture of baby in santa costume

“For a masterpiece to truly be appreciated, it must be shared by all.” —Unknown 

Custom Frames

Are you giving a present to an artist or art collector? Nothing makes a picture stand out quite like professional matting and sophisticated framing. One of Blue Moon Metal Print’s services includes high-quality archival matting for various sizes. We dry-mount images with a unique adhesive to prevent waviness and buckling. 

Compliment your custom matting selection with a simple, ornate, modern, or traditional frame. Our expert team can help you decide, ensuring the finished work is a true masterpiece ready for display.

The Gift of Giving

Shopping online is fast, and driving to a major store is equally simple. That’s why custom gifts mean so much more to give and to receive. A printed present will last a lifetime and remind the recipient of your thoughtfulness. 

Make someone’s next keepsake extra special when you immortalize it. Blue Moon Metal Prints would love to help you make the most of everyone’s memories. Contact us for hours and more information.

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