Back-to-School Tips: Decorating Your Dorm Room

It’s that time of the year.  Kids are preparing to return to school or start their freshman year of college. If you’re one of the many headed off to university for the first time, personalizing your dorm room will be a top priority. It’s a superb way to express yourself and display a little piece of home—wherever you’re enrolled!

Blue Moon Metal Prints wants decorating your dorm room to include creative representations of all the things you love most. So, before you unpack your décor, ensure your keepsakes, including photos of family members (don’t forget the dog and cat!) and besties look their best.

Make Your Dorm Room Pop with Extraordinary Prints

Keep your memories alive while incorporating them into decorative pieces when you print them. Blue Moon offers several services that will make your keepsakes stake a claim in any dorm room.

Metal Prints

One great way to memorialize your photos is by having them printed on metal. Metal prints are portable, durable, easy to pack and available in custom sizes to fit your small-space needs. Choose from a variety of float frames, and no-damage mounts to make your metal photo prints uniquely yours!

Personalized Mugs

Before you get started with decorating your dorm room, be sure you don’t forget your coffee! One of our best sellers is personalized mugs. We can print photos and artwork on your favorite reusable cups, and a variety of other drinking cups. We have options for 11 oz. mugs, 20 oz. drink tumblers, and even 30 oz. ones!

Now, make your favorite family and friend photos pop with decorating tips from Blue Moon Metal Prints!

Keep it Clean

Keep your desk or workspace clean and organized.

For most students, clutter is an unavoidable part of life. There will always be a mess somewhere in your dorm room. (You’re too busy doing other things, like studying and meeting new people!) However, making a habit of keeping your space clean and tidy can help you feel less stressed, more focused, and improve your productivity. 

Now, clear off those energy drink cans from your desk and consider adding a set of personalized coasters to protect it. Not organized enough for you? Take it a step further with our coaster holders!

Cut A Rug

Add a welcome rug.

Rugs warm up any space, and that includes your dorm room. One option is a personalized doormat from Blue Moon Metal Prints. Our doormats are available in 18”x24,” and you can print whatever you wish on it! Whether you want to include your and your roommate’s names or you have a fun picture with you both, our doormats can be an excellent choice to add personality to your room! 

When choosing any other rug, look for an affordable option that is easy to clean, such as an outdoor rug you can just shake out the window. Communicate with your roommate, and if possible, work together to find something you’ll both enjoy.

Bring Nature Inside

Add some plants.

Plants breathe life into any space. They purify the air and bring a little nature indoors, which is especially important when the weather starts cooling down and you can’t get outside as often. 

If bringing plants into your room isn’t an option, and you know you’re going to miss your garden at home, consider printing photos of your favorite flowers you’ve taken. Then, bring them with you to display on your dorm room walls.

Be that crazy plant person. No judgment here!

Additional Tips for Decorating Your Dorm Room:

Coordinate with your roommate.

Part of the fun of decorating your dorm room is adding personal touches that make you feel comfortable in your space. Another part of that is having some basic appliances. Work with your roommate when buying appliances for your room. For example, you may split the cost of a mini fridge, coffee maker, or microwave to have some basic kitchen necessities. This can help you save money and ensure you both don’t buy the same things that may not fit the space. 

Maximize your space.

Dorm rooms are small. Although the square footage is something you can’t control, it’s up to you to be smart about space. Utilize what you’ve got, whether it’s space under your bed or floating shelves and vertical storage, to organize your things. Another option is to buy small pieces of furniture that double as storage, such as a storage ottoman or nightstand that includes a drawer or two.

Rearrange furniture if permitted.

Sometimes shaking things up a bit and moving things around can not only give you the illusion of space in your dorm but can also offer you much-needed privacy from a less-than-ideal roommate. Not all colleges allow this, but it’s worth exploring in order to help you make your room your own.

To get even more inspiration for decorating your dorm or small apartment, click here!

Why choose Blue Moon Metal Prints to capture and keep your memories alive?

Metal prints are durable, and can be taken anywhere you go. They make excellent options for dorm room and apartment decor and can be customized to fit wherever you need them. They have weather, UV, and scratch-resistant surfaces, meant to withstand the test of time, truly immortalizing your fondest memories for years to come!

Our metal prints are easily customizable and come in a variety of sizes that fit your space, no matter how large or small. 

Learn more about our metal printing services and products here! As an added bonus, we include FREE 3M Command Strips with any metal print order for a non-damaging decorating experience that follows the rules of your school. For Brevard locals, we also offer free pickup from our shop, so you can save even more on shipping.

Contact us today for your personalized printing experience!

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