Why Displaying Your Art Is Important

So, you’ve created an original masterpiece? The next step is displaying your art! Whether it’s an oil painting or a black and white photo, get your work noticed for all the right reasons.  

Blue Moon Metal Prints  will make your artwork pop with superb  metal and canvas printing services! Our experienced team has years of professional experience recommending the very best options for displaying your art in the home, office, gallery, or elsewhere.

Why Should I Be Displaying My Art?

Art is a form of communication just as much as it is a form of self-expression.

Keeping your creativity to yourself means others cannot benefit from your artistic insights. Whether you display your art in the privacy of your home or office or hang it in a coffee shop or gallery, your work connects humans to an innately complex world and expands across generations from the past, present, and onwards into the future.

Here are some reasons you should consider displaying your art to the world.

Displaying Your Art is Good for You.

Despite the stigma of tortured artists aside, expressing yourself through your preferred medium is a fantastic emotional and spiritual outlet.

It can promote conversation, resulting in connection and feeling like you are part of something bigger. It boosts your confidence and makes you proud of your artistic abilities.

You Grow As a Person.

It is not unusual for artists to be shy about flaunting their masterpieces. It may make you feel too vulnerable or insecure about what you believe people will think. Nothing grows in your comfort zone.

Developing a thick skin when it comes to any creative field is a skill that is necessary for you to be successful. Showing off your creative genius may be uncomfortable, but it helps you free yourself from the confines of your mind and ultimately helps you grow.

It Promotes Creative Experimentation.

Whether you want to call it market research or something else entirely, when you get the manifestations of your mind out into the world, it allows you to experiment with your style and see what works and what does not.

It allows artists to get insider information about what the public responds to and how to pivot people want to buy. As a result, your work has a higher chance of success in the competitive market, and you benefit from increased revenue and exposure.

You Get to Shape The Future and Re-Imagine the Past.

Much of what we know about human existence was learned through art and literature. What is written, painted, photographed, sculpted, and more produces tangible examples of history you can see, discuss, and behold. Where limited human perspective fails, artists speak.

You Make a Difference in the Lives of Others.

Did you know that when people view artwork they find appealing, it triggers an immediate release of dopamine in the brain? 

The therapeutic use of art is well documented, and viewing it has mental health benefits, confirmed through numerous studies

It touches on things that are hard to express. People are drawn to art because it feels safe and makes them feel less alone. It evokes their feelings and can wake up parts of themselves they had yet to discover. 

When people buy your masterpieces, not only are they supporting your craft, but they find themselves, too. They want to have the opportunity to look at your art every day in their family room, bedroom, or other empty spaces in their home.

Where Can I Display My Art?

Once you commit to displaying your art, you can begin to think strategically about how and where you want to do it. 

There are numerous options for displaying your art, especially in the Asheville and Brevard areas of Western North Carolina.

Coffee Shops, Bookstores, and Restaurants.

If you are a “starving artist” and your budget is on the smaller side, coffee shops, bookstores, and restaurants can be a great option. These places offer free exposure in areas with lots of foot traffic.

Start by printing some of your best work on your choice of canvas or metal.


As you rise in the ranks of artist extraordinaire, your dream of displaying your art may be realized through a gallery setting

When this happens, you’ll be glad you took the time to have your precious work memorialized on a museum-quality giclée (pronounced “ZHEE-clay”) canvas or fine art paper that enhances the quality of your piece.

Craft Fairs.

Western North Carolina has several craft fairs throughout the year. 

Asheville is known for its bustling art scene, but other areas like Brevard and Hendersonville are up and coming. 

Some local options are Art is in The Air Festival, The Big Crafty, and Craft Fair of the Southern Highlands. In addition to these ideas, holiday fairs can be another great way to get exposure to your work. One such event is the Fletcher Christmas Extravaganza Holiday Market, held annually at the WNC Agriculture Center in Fletcher, NC.

Pop-Up Markets.

If you’ve ever been to a farmer’s market, you may recognize what a pop-up market is. Consider The Show and Tell Pop-Up Shop as an option for displaying your art.

Artists Choose Blue Moon Metal Prints for Their Printing and Framing Needs

The way you present your creations matters. 

Many artists print or frame their artwork with Blue Moon Metal Prints. This ensures representation in a stunning, professional way that always looks fantastic. 

When you create a masterpiece, you put your feelings and emotions into it and want to show that off. It doesn’t matter if you are a hobbyist or a professional artist. How, and where you display your art is critical to being discovered for your talents. 

Because you care, we care. 

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